Treatments Overview

Dental Implants

A dental Implant is a small titanium screw that is placed in the jaw bone to replace a missing root. The Implant is then connected to the new crown (tooth).

Sinus Graft

Occasionally at the back of the upper jaw and particularly in the upper molar area there is not enough bone to place a dental implant due to where the sinus is situated.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is required to repair and promote new bone growth in the jaw in an area where there is a bone defect and insufficient bone for implant placement.

Immediate Implants

Immediate implants are placed at the same time as extraction of tooth/teeth.

Fixed Teeth in a Day

This is a revolutionary idea which can give you back all your teeth in one day!! This is suitable for people who have a full set of dentures or if all your teeth failing and don’t want to have dentures.

Complex Tooth Removal

A complex tooth extraction is not as straightforward as this, due to the fact that teeth have a myriad of ways to position themselves and in order for them to be removed safely, a small surgical procedure is required. An X-Ray is always required before extraction.