"I am a hands-on business owner and an age group mountain bike racer. My teeth have caused, over the years, problems that affect my lifestyle, i.e. broken, cracked and tooth removal."

Previous dentists failed to identify the true problem and therefore the repairs failed.  Thankfully I found Toheed who, with great skill and true care, solved all my problems with implants and proper crowns (which didn’t break). 
Being able to discuss the problems and solutions in depth was an education and gave me complete confidence to proceed.
I cannot emphasis how skilled and caring this man is.  It has been an honour to be his patient.
Thank you Toheed

Mr M

"Toheed is a diligent, patient and caring clinician who is a tremendous asset to our team at our practice."

It has been a pleasure to work alongside Toheed for the last 6 years. He has been very supportive of me and happy to offer his experienced opinion on any challenging clinical case. He is an accomplished dentist and patients benefit greatly from his expertise. I would confidently recommend Toheed to any of my patients seeking dental implant treatment.

Dr Nicholas Brown BDS (General Dental Practitioner)

"Omg what a journey. You forget so much of it. Yes, Bridge is feeling great. "

Thank you so much for all that you have done. I remember the first day I came to see you. You were doubtful because i was a smoker. I just knew, dentures and i would never have a great relationship. Thanks to you, I can feel normal again. I wish you all the success in the world. No one deserves it more than you. Thank you.

Mrs B

"I have worked with Toheed for about a decade and he has always been a supportive colleague who I regularly refer patients to for implant procedures to help them be able to smile and chew again. "

Without exception the feedback I have had from my patients is that they felt looked after, that he cares about their best interests, and that he takes the time to fully explain things. I have confidence in his clinical skill and knowledge, having seen the pride he takes in his work and dedication to providing long-term benefits to his patients.

Dr Christopher Gravenell

"I am writing to share my experience of being under the care of  Dr Toheed Hamid and his team during my recent operation of bone grafting, which was executed excellently."

I could honestly say that I have rarely witnessed a more dedicated team of exceptional professionals, whose main concern was the wellbeing of their patient. Their devotion and professionalism was evident throughout all the procedures, alongside their kindness and humanity.


The team worked perfectly well together, with respect towards each other and appropriate supervision from the team leader. I felt very relaxed and would trust the team with any dental procedure I might need, as well as would absolutely recommend them to friends and family.


I believe that it would be of great benefit if they would be able to have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with the next generation of practitioners in their field.

Mrs E

"I have known Dr Hamid for over 8 years now and there is a famous saying which I will crib from “what Dr Hamid does not know about dentistry is simply not worth knowing.” A most personable individual with knowledge, passion, drive and determination like no other."

Mr A

"I have worked alongside Dr Hamid for 7 years and it has been wonderful."

I really enjoy working alongside him especially during his implant work. Toheed is a kind, conscientious mentor who puts the feelings and needs of both his colleagues and patients before all else.


Toheed is one of the nicest people you could ever wish to work with. He has been incredibly supportive in my career, enabling me to further my qualifications and hands on experience.


The glowing feedback he has received from patients and colleagues only goes to prove how well liked he is and the quality of his work.

Cloe Stewart (Dental Nurse)

"I had the distinct pleasure of working alongside Toheed during our post-graduate implant training programme at the University of Bristol. "

Toheed is a very diligent surgeon with a keen eye for detail. He always has his patient’s best interest at heart and his calm manner will put any anxious patient at ease. He constantly strives for excellence by keeping in touch with all the latest techniques and research available. I miss my days working alongside him and look forward to seeing him again in the future. To all of his future patients – you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Dr Timothy Vella Briffa (Oral Surgeon and Implant Dentist )

Toheed Hamid is blooming brilliant. I'm absolutely petrified and he's the most lovely, patient and kind dentist.
Ms W
This guy is simply the the best!!! Spent some months having treatment from him. Fabulous with kids too, very especially kids with high-functionating ASD
Ms C
Toheed Hamid is gentle, caring and with high integrity.
Ms R