Sinus Graft


Occasionally at the back of the upper jaw and particularly in the upper molar area there is not enough bone to place a dental implant due to where the sinus is situated. This is easily rectified by a very common and evidence-based procedure called a sinus lift or sinus graft. It is an extremely common and predictable procedure to have and it gives good stability and end results.

Why do I need a Sinus graft?

When teeth are lost the sinus expands making the bone height too small for dental implants to gain good stability.

What does it involve?

A small precise window incision is made in the gum and the bone is placed into the area where the defect exists. The sinus membrane is then very carefully pushed gently up by a few millimetres. The space is packed with sterile bone graft material and augmented to allow for implant placement. Occasionally, a sinus lift may be performed at the same time as placing the implant.